Have you explored the Citrix Ready Marketplace? Were you intrigued by any Citrix Ready verified product?
If you are thinking YES right now, then we would love to hear it from YOU!! Visit the Citrix Ready Marketplace today and write reviews for Citrix Ready verified products to participate in the Write a Review Contest. The more reviews you write, the better your chances of winning some really cool prizes!
Why wait… Start Reviewing & Winning now!

Here's how you can Submit a Review.

Explore Citrix Ready Marketplace and select a product
To get started, find the product you want to review on the Marketplace. You can review multiple products.
Select "Write a review" and enter your contact details
Click on the “Write a review” button located on the product details page. Provide complete and accurate contact information.
  • Reviews with invalid contact details will not be entered into the contest.
  • Citrix employees must use their Citrix email ID while writing reviews to help us track the submissions.
“Submit” your product review
Play a critic and provide genuine and descriptive comments about the product. Recommend the product, if you like. Click Submit.
Simply Speak your mind & Win awesome prizes!

Whether you are a Citrix user, partner, customer or an employee, you are invited to participate in the ‘Write a Review’ contest. Increase your odds of winning by reviewing multiple products. Winners will be contacted directly via their email address.
Just find the product(s) you want to review on the Citrix Ready Marketplace and share your comments. When you submit your review, your name will automatically be entered into the contest.
About Citrix Ready Marketplace
Citrix Ready Marketplace is the primary avenue to evaluate verified partner products for customers and exhibits more than 30,000 product verifications across various Citrix products. Grab this opportunity to share your experiences and opinions about the Citrix Ready offerings with everyone. Browse through the various product categories listed and select your favorite product to review.
You'd better hurry now. The contest ends 28th April 2017!!
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